Between Two Rivers

by Brant Tilds and Beshuar Hassan

Beshuar Hassan, a traditional Kurdish musician from Iraq and Brant Tilds, a Jazz trumpet player from Detroit, met each other in the United Kingdom and formed a deep bond of friendship through the common ground of music. They formed a duo, became Artists in Residence at Metal Arts, Peterborough, and Arts Council England Artists. Then the pandemic arrived and they had to change the way they worked and created. This podcast details where they are on their journey.


Beshuar writes:

I would like to say infinity thanks to my friend Brant that has been supportive always in many times. He retrieved my music ego again and in different form with he opened my eyes to new methods of music, this led me to continuing of producing more music.


Brant writes:

And I'd like to thank my friend and brother Beshuar for helping me actualise all of the things I've been trying to understand for years about this music, and being the other half of my musical life.

We'd also like to thank Journeys Festival International, Arts Council England, and Sarah Haythornthwaite and Mark Richards at Metal Arts Peterborough for their generous help and support. 


Music credits (as follows chronologically in the podcast):

Title: Author

Duduk Sega: Hassan

No Where Else: Hassan

Bass And Trumpet: Tilds/Donica

Immigration Rumble: Tilds

Rain Naomi: Tilds

Celeste: Tilds


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Between Two Rivers
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