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Covid-19 Statement

Covid-19 – Our continuing commitment to reduce the spread of Covid-19


Even though covid-19 restrictions have lifted in the UK following 19 July, ArtReach will continue to deliver covid-secure events for the safety of its audiences, artists and staff members.


Audiences can be reassured that:


a)       ArtReach will continue to have in place guidance regarding social distancing and safe working during Covid-19; All our events have had a through risk assessment, and our approaches to deliver events might include measures to reduce risk such as staggered entry times and setting maximum occupancy in venues. Any measures will be made clear on the website and on site in venues. We will continue to review UK government advice.


  1. ArtReach continues to adopt safe working procedures while presenting work in Festivals and Events.  ArtReach will also encourage its audiences, artists and staff/volunteers to take precautionary measures such as the wearing face coverings, placing markings whilst on location and at Venues, provide ventilation and discourage face to face contact where possible.


  1. Artist, event staff and members of the team have been asked to undertake regular Covid-19 tests before and during delivery of an Event/performance. ArtReach has asked staff and crew members to take reasonable steps to not unnecessarily expose themselves to risk before or during an event.


  1. Should audiences, staff or crew members display the symptoms of Coronavirus; test positive for coronavirus; live with someone who has symptoms or tested positive for the virus; be told to self-isolate by NHS Track and Trace or the NHS Covid-19 app 14 or fewer days before an Event, then ArtReach is encouraging people to follow the latest government advice on self-isolation.


  1. ArtReach encourages best practice with personal hygiene for all staff and crew members in line with UK government and Public Health Authorities guidance including regular washing of hands with soap for least 20 seconds or the use of sanitiser when entering and exiting buildings, and before and after eating, using toilets and handling equipment.


  1. Should any artist or associates become ill during the presentation of the work ArtReach will make available resources and contact details to enable any contact tracing.


ArtReach continues to review its response to covid-19 on a monthly basis.

This policy was last updated in September 2021.

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