by Another Story Collective: Bedos Mavambu & Pablo Melchor

Bedos Mavambu and Pablo Melchor are a duo of mixed media artists working under the name of Another Story Collective. They have been collaborating for over 10 years and are finally coming out of the shadows. Venturing out of the realm of the Mancunian underground, with a lot of live performances and large scale projections under their belt, they are now pushing the boundaries of virtual reality, CGI and AI using cutting edge technologies to expand their storytelling capabilities. With a mix of cultures and influences, the duo brings thought provoking work and a fresh perspective. They are described on the Tate Modern website as ‘visual agitators’.

DOWN UP SIDE is the tale of Bedos' journey from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to the planet Mancunia told through spoken word poetry, soundscapes and 3D illustrations. The young Bedos embraces the unknown environment he is catapulted into. He uses music as a common language and gets to know the indigenous extraterrestrials. Bedos is optimistic and curious by nature and always sees the upside, bringing nuances to a difficult path, throughout his 12-year voyage through the intergalactic immigration system, stuck on planet Mancunia. It finishes when he builds his own nest and becomes a dad.

This work highlights the resilience of people seeking asylum and gives hope to those who are still fighting and facing prejudices but yet fuelled with dreams, passion and are waiting for a ‘normal life’.

Click here to experience the interactive story of Down Up Side.

Commissioned by Journeys Festival International.

Film version of Bedos' journey to Mancunia.

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