Graffiti, Art and Protest in Iran

by Parham Ghalamdar, Steven Lake and Limina Immersive

Parham Ghalamdar takes us back to the water channel in Tehran that became his canvas.

Graffiti, Art and Protest in Iran is a virtual experience that recreates the water channel where the ELF crew made their work. As audiences navigate the space they will examine the street art created by Parham and his crew and hear the story behind its creation and destruction in Parham’s own words.

This immersive experience is designed for a desktop or laptop computer.

Before beginning, please make sure your computer sound is turned on and that your physical space is free from distractions.

Once the experience has loaded we recommend selecting full screen mode for maximum immersion.

Depending on your internet connection, Graffiti, Art and Protest in Iran may take a few moments to load - but it’s worth the short wait, we promise!


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A Limina Immersive production

Executive produced by Catherine Allen.

VR produced and directed by Steven Lake. Featuring 'Farahzad' courtesy of Mahdyar.

Featuring the work of other artists from the ELF Crew. 

Find out more about their work here:

Find Blind (co-founder of ELF crew) on Instagram.

Find Ali FJ-one on Instagram.

Commissioned by Journeys Festival International as part of Liberty EU programme funded by Creative Europe. Supported by Graffwerk and Sashwati Sengupta.

An introduction to Graffiti, Art and Protest in Iran by ROOTS group member Firoozeh Fozouni.

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