Freedom of Movement?

Forgotten World by Morteza Khaleghi and Parham Ghalamdar

Moving image and animation, running time, 11 mins

Please unmute sound before viewing.

Forgotten World is a short film, produced collaboratively by Parham Ghalamdar and Morteza Khaleghi, to shed light on the struggles of asylum-seekers on the island of Samos in Greece and the poor conditions of life in the refugee camps there. The film is a montage of the footage captured by Morteza when he was on the island edited alongside Parham's hand-drawn stop motion animations. The film has an anti-narrative structure where each sequence is kept in suspense with no punchline and no particular order to them as a method to build up and communicate frustration, boredom, and uncertainty from lack of freedom of movement.

Morteza Khaleghi is a visual artist born in Iran to Afghan parents now living in Rome in Italy, where he continued his studies in the field of cinema and visual art. He has shot some short films, video art and a feature film, winning some prizes such as AS film festival. He has also participated in some screenwriting competitions such as the Mutti prize in Italy, winning a special mention. His work focusses on contemporary issues, such as social problems, marginalisation and urban developments.

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Parham Ghalamdar is an Iranian-born painter, animator, researcher and curator based in Manchester. He is currently pursuing an MA Painting at Manchester School of Art. Oil painting and drawing are at the core of his practice. Parham’s work explores histories and traditions of Western painting in order to discipline image. Due to the Covid-19 disruptions and inaccessibility to studio, he is exploring digital medias such as creating stop motion animation from compiling his drawings.

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