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Freedom of Movement?

There is sun, surprisingly by Betül Aksu

Moving image, running time 5 mins

Please unmute sound before viewing.

There is sun, surprisingly is a film that celebrates the notion of hope as a consequence of leaving home. The film is set around a circular narrative where snippets from different surroundings are presented to set the boundaries of familiar and unfamiliar environments.

The circular narrative takes its shape from a Macedonian folk dance, Oro, where a community of people dance in a circle, holding each other's hands. Unlike the traditional circle, the film presents multi-directional circles that constitute parts of a whole in a non-linear manner. Yet setting different communities from Turkey, Italy, Germany and the UK side by side.

The artist revisited her archival recordings from 7 years spent abroad. Unconnected sounds and videos were matched to create a fictitious narrative rooted in lived experiences.

Betül Aksu is an artist and researcher based in London. Her artistic practice spans printmaking, photography and interactive installations. She uses language as an art material and experiments with the processes of making sense. She exhibited in media art exhibitions and festivals in the UK, Turkey, Austria, and Ireland.

See Betül's website:

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