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Sounds of Sanctuary

A collaboration between Addictive TV and young musicians from around the world.

Originally designed as a performative installation to be accompanied by poetry reading, Sounds of Sanctuary is presented here as a musical film. This is an instrumental journey created by sampling improvised recordings with musicians who are all newly arrived in Europe from Syria, Iran, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo and Uyghur Autonomous Region of Xinjiang, China (formerly known as East Turkestan).

The work was inspired by the poetry and ideas of Momtaza Mehri, exploring musical and cultural connections between East Africa and the Middle East.


The work features the following artists and instruments (in order of appearance):
Zaher Alkaei - violin
Dilzat Turdi - dutar
Seyed Ali Jaberi - tanbur
Jawdat Shaabo - baglama
Ephraim Kilonga - congas
Parisa Pirzadeh - ghaychak
Gemima Mbuyi Tshimanga - saxophone
Ghaeth Almaghoot - clarinet
Job Kayembe - piano
Zivai Guveya - mbira

With many thanks to:
Nabil Arbaain, Ali Hasan, Hamdel Ensemble, Amani Creatives, Silk Road Collective, SOAS Music Department, Toverfluit Refugee Foundation, Arab Musik Institute Berlin, Somali Diaspora Alliance, Emmanuela Yogolelo, Anita Witlox and DJ Subeer.
A special thanks to Sashwati Mira Sengupta for additional production support and musician research.

Produced and commissioned by ArtReach for Liberty EU at Journeys Festival International, co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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