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Alsa Tabatabaei

Based: Salford

From: Iran/Tehran

Painting and Photography.


Firstly give yourself working hours and stick to them! Set a time for the start of the working day and the end of the work day and then what has to be achieved. And I mean achieved, completely achieved. Secondly, find your own work style, the right routine and manage your business interest. During lockdown, managing your productivity would be challenging ,especially if you are trying to make a living from your work. So having a plan for the day while you think small, could increase your productivity based on your daily goal setting. This doesn’t mean fun and flexibility are thrown out the window. Think small, achieve big. Those are the reasons you became an artist, after all! It just means you have to find what works for you

In the current virus situation, I can't teach art so I am currently in charge of the kitchen, instead of the art room. I prepare food for other volunteers who work at the food club. It just shows how I, as an artist, are versatile and adaptable in any situation.

Baby Yoda:
Almost everyone finds ‘Baby Yoda’ so darn cute and so do I. He has all of the adorable features, giant ears and eyes that melt our hearts. Similar feelings of being overwhelmed by coronavirus and the cute aggression of him so it would be funny to name him ‘Corona Yoda’ for the time being.

Exploring geometric shapes, particular triangles, has reshaped my techniques. Triangles, to me, represent the status of my spirit, mind and body. Away from these contexts, for me it represents the love that endures between my parents and myself. This is a combination of my scientific thinking and art skills.

To maintain my health physically and mentally, I use my daily allowance to go for jogging/running. Embarrassing the spring by taking photos and videos of the natural world around me and sharing with my friends is another enjoyable time I am experiencing during this uncertainty.

Alsa Tabatabaei
Alsa Tabatabaei
Alsa Tabatabaei
Alsa Tabatabaei
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