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George Sfougaras

Based: Leicester

From: Greece

Painting, Print and Construction


Top Tips:

Review older work that you may wish to take further. This may include reworking some promising work that was not fully resolved, or revisit a topic that you had left behind. As this time is somewhat off the grid of what we consider 'normal time' it maybe that the pace of life now suits this reappraisal.

Allow yourself to acknowledge what is happening and be open to new ideas that emerge from the crisis; however, before you respond, consider the impact of the work in the longer term. Allow time to process and develop your narrative.

Little Ruler:

This refers to how power is relative. Some situations enable us to judge the world and what power means using a different 'ruler' or measure. Automata are hugely escapist, taking me back to a time of childhood stories and myths, play and non-digital existence. That escapism allows me to move beyond the current crisis, or look at it from a different perspective. In the case of the video attached, the work has a dual meaning just like the title.

I revisited my automata work of some years ago. As I suggested in my advice earlier, this time is outside our 'normal' timeframes. As automata take a long time and in my case they are not designed with an audience other than myself in mind, it seemed that this was a good time to revisit that body of work.

George Sfougaras
George Sfougaras
George Sfougaras
George Sfougaras
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