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Khalid Mussa

Based: Manchester

From: Eritrea

Performance, Singing and Musician


Top Tips:

My best advice is to use this time to develop your skills and keep practicing - practice makes perfection. Never give up!

Today I am practising a lovely song called “Someone Like you” by Adele. This song means a lot to me, bringing nostalgic memories back on the days. so I decided to play a short version of it in my own style. I hope you enjoy it!

I am a vocalist and have been singing since I was at high school performing with musical band also I performed on different theatres and stages across the country. In 2015, I moved to the UK and my passion in music did not stop me to continue my journey in music. I involved sharing my skills and experience in singing with different charities and organisations around the UK such as MVAP welcome service in Middlesbrough, Revive Manchester, Journeys Festival International and Music Action International. I can sing in different languages including Tigre, Arabic, and English.

Khalid Mussa
Khalid Mussa
Khalid Mussa
Khalid Mussa
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