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Mahboobeh Rajabi

Based: Manchester

From: Iran

Digital Art, Visual Art, Film, Theatre & Writing.


Top Tips:

First to look after themselves and keep themselves happy by doing small things like cooking, gardening, dancing then to keep creative by again small activities of their field. It's important not to pressure themselves.

They are photos of my desk which is my creative station these days and where I create my works. I started a video series documenting this situation and I make a series of podcasts.

I have been working as a Visual Artist, Filmmaker and Theatre maker for almost 10 years now. I did theatre since age 5 and studied directing theatre in Iran. I started my film and digital work in the UK after doing a Media course in 2010.

Mahboobeh Rajabi
Mahboobeh Rajabi
Mahboobeh Rajabi
Mahboobeh Rajabi
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