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Mohammed Yahya

Based: London


Music, Rap and Poetry.


Top Tips:

Reading and listening to uplifting music.

My creative song writing process. Whenever I want to write a new song, I try to firstly create the right environment, this may be by cleaning my bedroom, burning some incense, getting inspiration from intersting books/ documentaries or listening to music. Then i put on some beats and vibe to them until I the creative juices start flowing. The rest is history :)

I first started writing poetry in Portuguese ( my first language) before I reached the age of 10, but after moving to London, my english developed & I fell in love with Hip Hop, so I made the transition from poetry to Rap.

Initially I wrote rhymes as a way to channel some of my childhood trauma derived from the refugee experiences and it became an outlet, like a self healing technique, from there I started writing about everything from poverty to global Injustices, from love to community cohesion.

Mohammed Yahya
Mohammed Yahya
Mohammed Yahya
Mohammed Yahya
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