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Parham Ghalamdar

Based: Manchester

From: Iran

Visual Arts


Top Tips:

Be kind to your self even if you haven't been able to create.
Resist doing everything digitally.

I'm sharing the drawings which I have made in the past couple of days, and the painting I've just started. I'm trying to find new routines to replace the lost ones. Making drawings on daily basis really helps to stay positive.

I’ve been studying my MA Painting recently, before this situation which shall not be named. I recently had a solo show at Workplace foundation and co-curated the Upside Down Bucket group show at PS Mirabel. At the moment I'm spending my time studying and making drawings and digital works besides working at a pizza place.

Parham Ghalamdar
Parham Ghalamdar
Parham Ghalamdar
Parham Ghalamdar
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