REVIEW: ArtReach Producer Charlotte Mountford - Burning Doors Igniting Change

This week, ArtReach were proud to premiere Belarus Free Theatre’s Burning Doors, at Curve, Leicester, as part of Journeys Festival International. In this thrilling new show, the refugee theatre company share the stories of three persecuted artists, who refuse for their artistic expression to be silenced by the state. It is a masterful and visual exploration of freedom and oppression that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about - burning into my consciousness. Using surtitles, the audience are exposed to a world-wind script of intellectualism and poetry, complimented by slick choreography and exhausting physicality, that had a touch of Berkovian comedy in places. Burning Doors is punctuate

What a Weekend!

Across the weekend (20-21 August) ArtReach and the #JourneysFest team hosted the Core Festival in Jubilee Square. The festival entertained the crowds of Leicester, offering a huge breadth of diverse entertainment that celebrated the artistic talent and incredible stories of exceptional refugee and asylum seeker artists. The music stage drew in the passing crowds and brought together international sounds and influences in a variety of guises, expertly curated by ArtReach Project Manager Holly Goodfellow. Didier Kisala opened the music stage at 1pm Saturday, effortlessly initiating the themes of the festival. Yasmin Kadi and Namvula brought soulful sounds through incredible vocals. Op Sa! Balk

MUSIC STAGE//Jubilee Square at #JourneysFest Core Festival

Across the weekend of the Core Festival in Jubilee Square 20 - 21 August, we'll be hosting a huge variety of internationally acclaimed musicians. A huge array of genres including hip hop, jazz, afro-funk, soul and so much more! We're hosting a fusion of international influences and sounds that resonate the themes of #JourneysFest and celebrates the talents of exceptional artists. Make sure you head to Jubilee Square, Leicester and join in with our incredible party THIS WEEKEND! Afro Cluster - Saturday 20 - 2pm At BBC Introducing, Glastonbury Festival Manchester International Roots Orchestra (MIRO) Saturday 20 - 12pm Addictive TV - Saturday 20 - 3.15pm Yasmin Kadi - Sunday 21 - 12pm Op Sa!


JOIN US THIS WEEKEND FOR JOURNEYS FESTIVAL INTERNATIONAL CORE FESTIVAL. CELEBRATE THE INCREDIBLE TALENT OF REFUGEE AND ASYLUM SEEKER ARTISTS, THROUGH GREAT ART AND CULTURE. INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCES // JUBILEE SQUARE THERE THERE: EASTERN EUROPEANS FOR DUMMIES SAT 20 - SUN 21 AUGUST 11AM - 4PM 50% Romanian, 50% Serbian, There There will be hosting an interactive performance event. Try your hand at a whole collection of traditional fete games that get you thinking about integration, alienation and... immigration! FACELESS ARTS: DRIFTWOOD SUN 21 AUGUST 11AM - 4PM A driftwood boat and puppets sets sail through a city and seeks a place to dock... A hands-on workshop from 12 noon will take place, f

ANNOUNCEMENT: Burning Doors//Post Show Discussions

Ahead of the World Premiere of Burning Doors by Belarus Free Theatre, we are excited to announce the line up for the post show discussions from 23 - 27 August at Curve, Leicester. The post show discussions will be your unique chance to discuss, exchange and question the methodologies of the underground troupe - at the forefront of contemporary theatre. Find out more about their motivation, intention and fore-thinking. How does Burning Doors continue their campaign to prove, once again, that theatre is a revolutionary art. "What are the issues of tomorrow that theatre can address today?" TUESDAY AUGUST 23RD - PANEL DISCUSSION: Theatre responding to the refugee crisis Panelists: Joe Robertson

Rehearsal Images: Burning Doors

Not long until we host Belarus Free Theatre's world premiere at CURVE theatre, Leicester as part of ‪#‎JourneysFest‬ in Leicester. Burning Doors shares the stories of persecuted artists, living under dictatorship, who will not be silenced. What happens when you are declared an enemy of the state simply for making art? Where do you belong when your government suppresses your basic right to expression? And how do you survive in one of the most brutal prison systems in the world? BOOK TICKETS NOW: CURVEONLINE.CO.UK 0116 242 3595 This brand new production blends sensuous theatricality and vigorous physicality to shine a light on total suppression of artistic freedoms, drawn from the real-life st

Interview//Natalia Kaliada - Belarus Free Theatre

Ahead of the World Premiere of Burning Doors at Curve in Leicester, 23 - 27 August, Natalia Kaliada, co-founding Artistic Director of Belarus Free Theatre, gave Journeys Festival International an insight into life in the dictatorial state of Belarus, and the incredible motivation behind their latest production. Tell us about the birth of Belarus Free Theatre? How did it begin? Belarus Free Theatre was established under the dictatorship on 30 March 2005. We picked a date and announced our existence to the world. We didn’t have a physical space but we had an idea: to create a theatre where you could say what you think and make art out of that. We didn't exist for the authorities of our count

POP UP THEATRE//Enter Edem and Scufflebox Theatre

SCUFFLEBOX THEATRE COMPANY Scufflebox Theatre Company will present a verbatim performance based on real life stories gathered from asylum seekers living in Leicester. Each performance will consist of a series of short stories, presented by both experienced and first-time performers. To devise this new piece, Scufflebox practitioners worked closely with individuals from the refugee and asylum seeker community to gather content of the performance, which will comprise of both spoken word and physical theatre. ENTER EDEM "You are not a drop in the ocean; you are the entire ocean in a drop" Rumi No story is too small, every drop in the ocean makes the waves. Come join a water tribe as they tell t

LOOK UP//Announcement

Born in Syria, but forced to flee to Lebanon in 2014, Mohamad Khayata has witnessed his nation's landscape and communities torn apart. His poignant photographic series 'Stiching My Syria Back' documents Syrian individuals in the dispersed locations of Damascus, Lebanon and Tunisia, reuniting them with a traditional "Madeh" patchwork quilt, which was created with fond memories of his mother. The series represents the artist's desire to reunite and 'stitch' Syria back together, with hopes of one day being able to return home. 10 of these artworks are dispersed across Leicester, follow the map and Look Up to discover them! JOIN THE CONVERSATION #JOURNEYSFEST / @JOURNEYSFEST

Coffee Shop Conversations// 10 - 24 August

Hosted by some of the best independent coffee houses in Leicester, our Coffee Shop Conversations are an opportunity to discuss and exchange views with refugee and asylum seeker artists over the domestic ritual of coffee and cake. We want to encourage greater understanding, tolerance and ultimately greater community cohesion through these events and take a small step towards tackling the issues of isolation, misconception and alienation. Come along to listen, discuss and share experiences... as well as enjoy delicious complimentary tea, coffee and cake. ART & ACTIVISM WED 17 AUGUST 10:30AM - 12NOON ST.MARTIN'S TEA & COFFEE 2-6 ST MARTINS WALK, ST MARTIN'S SQUARE, LEICESTER LE1 5DG How can we

The Container Project//Orton Square

GRAFFITI PROJECT FRI 5 - SUN 12 AUGUST Local urban artist N4T4 will kick start The Container Project and adorn the facade of the space with a mural focusing on the theme of WELCOME. Pop along on Sat 6 or Sun 7 August to watch him work! Supported by: CASS Art YOUTH CULTURES - SHARED PERSPECTIVE SAT 13 - TUES 16 AUGUST An exploration of cultural identity between young people from Soft Touch Arts (born in Leicester) and After 18 (young refugees) resulting in the production of an exciting new collaborative installation, featuring print and sound, with The Container Project. Supported by: The Lottery Fund WELCOME POSTER PROJECT WED 17 - MON 22 AUGUST Artist Sumiko Eadon from Leicester Print Works

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