Let's go fly a kite...

We’re incredibly excited to announce that the Community Kite Project will be joining us at Journeys Festival International, expertly leading free kite making workshops.

A popular form of entertainment throughout the world, kite flying is a firmly embedded tradition in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Chile and Brazil. The best-selling book, The Kite Runner by Afghan-American Khaled Hosseini, increased awareness of the tradition in the UK, and now it is internationally recognised as an event associated with freedom, outdoors, imagination and possibility. Community Kite Project bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise about worldwide kite flying and will be comparing and contrasting the craft and tradition, with specific focus on Afghanistan and India.

Their expertise has been internationally recognised and, in 2013, the Norwegian Government invited Community Kite Project to hold 5 days of kite workshops in the beautiful setting of Vang I Valdres, Norway. More than 10% of the village residents are asylum seekers, work migrants or refugees with resident status. Many use the local library as their daily rendezvous, and it was from here that the Community Kite Project hosted their incredible event. Workshops encouraged local residents, from all walks of life, to come and make and fly their kites together.

“At Community Kite Project, we believe fun and imagination are precious commodities… Kite flying across the globe is synonymous with freedom, the outdoors, imagination and possibilities.”

We look forward to hosting their participatory workshops as part of Journeys Festival International, and sharing the universal values of this cultural tradition with a wider audience.

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