Syrian born artist Mohamad Khayata confirmed for Look Up, Leicester

Look Up is an outdoor visual arts exhibition that unites the public realm with art through iconic city location, that is now a major strand of activity in the Journeys Festival International programme.

We are excited to announce that Look Up in Leicester has commissioned Syrian born artist Mohamad Khayata's photographic series Stitching My Syria back. The poignant series documents Syrian individuals in the dispersed locations of Damascus, Lebanon and Tunisia, uniting them with a traditional patchwork “Madeh,” created as a result of fond memories of his mother. Dispersed across the Leicester cityscape, Mohamad's work reunites their scattered and alienated identities through the comfort of a home that once was.

Mohamad is invited to come to the Festival to see his work installed and be part of our Coffee Shop Conversations, in which the general public can converse with a member of the refugee and asylum seeker community over the domestic ritual of coffee and cake.

For more information on Mohamad's work please visit his website here.

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