October 1, 2016

Journeys Festival International Manchester is presenting Jamal Jameel's striking photographic series The Beholder as part of Look Up - a high impact, large scale outdoor visual arts exhibition on the exteriors of iconic buildings across Manchester's cityscape.


From Contact and the National Football Museum to Afflecks, there'll be six art works for you to find across the city. Join us on the Art Walk on Tues 11 October 6PM - 7PM, starting at the National Football Museum. Want more? The Journeys Festival International team had the pleasure of choosing our favourites from a fantastic series and we didn't want you to miss out! So here are the other artworks from the series, an exclusive taster, from Jamal and the #JourneysFest team. Enjoy.




“ I am Aida. From Africa. My dream is to become an actress. I feel very happy in England. but, I’ve a lot of stress.”


Jamal:     "Aida took nearly 30 minutes to prepare herself to take the shot which it took only seven minutes. Then she said: “ That is so easy. I will come tomorrow as well!”"







“ I am Haider Alsalim. 38 years old. From Basra. I wish to be one of the famous artists in the world. I faced many challenges in my life especially war and terrorism. Now, I am a refugee and my life in the UK is nice for my and my wife and 2 girls.” 







“I am Marc. I like to play video games, act in plays, quiet walks and music! I am christian and I go to church. Even though I am different, I should be treated fairly. I hope to become rich and that don't mean I am here to take your benefits or jobs. I came to escape puscatism.” 



“ I am Victoria. From Africa. My life is journey. I hope to be an actress. I dislike injustice.” 

Ahmed: “My name is Ahmed. I am originally from nowhere. The only thing that I can say is: I am still nowhere.”



"I am Mohammed. I am from Iraq. I hope that I and all the world can live in peace. I hope to stop the violence and war on our planet. Life in the UK is nice and it is my wish to be a world famous photographer. I say to everyone, ‘Look positive and think positive.'"





 "I am Abas, I’m 48 years old. Originally from Baghdad in Iraq, I am now an actor and an interpreter in Manchester. I believe that a human is a human, no matter what colour they are or where they come from. I dream of a simple life. I wish one day we will be better people and live in a world without borders."