RE:CONNECT Workshop - Manchester

January 10, 2017


As part of Journeys Festival International Manchester event, The Container Project hosted a variety of innovative workshop events. Working with the Rethink Rebuild Society, four refugee artists and creatives delivered workshops with members of the refugee and asylum seeker community, who had recently settled in the city. 


Through a series of photographic and video based work, the creative skills and potential of the participants were unlocked and showcased. The exciting work was created using everyday, readily available equipment so that the participants were able to access the skills at any time they may need them. The finished work was inspired by their own experiences and the city in which they now live within. 


Below is a selection of participants photography work from the workshop:


"I learnt to keep my eye on every single detail, to capture it under the best conditions, including light, frame and reflecting. It was great meeting new people." RE:CONNECT Participant.