CALL FOR PROPOSALS – REFUGEE WEEK 2017: Abstract Laws / Intimate Lives

Britain’s immigration system consists of an enormous number of laws and rules. When fully compiled they run to thousands of pages.The abstract laws, rules and procedures which may seem fair or mundane on paper can have a devastating impact on real lives.

Image Credit: Community Arts North West, Drew Forsyth Photography

As part of our Refugee Week (19th- 25th June 2017) event on Tuesday 20th June at the University of Portsmouth we would like to invite University staff and students to create new representations of these law, at a more intimate and accessible level. Through high-quality art we want to explore these laws, bureaucratic categories and processes, and the effects they have on the lives on asylum seekers, refugees and migrants in Britain.

The concept behind this proposal is to bring to life one or more of the five different laws, rules or procedures (included below) by capturing how they are lived in the everyday world by real people, specifically contrasting this reality with the often technical and confusing language of the laws and rules themselves.


Deadline: Tuesday 30th May

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Charlotte Mountford.



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