Blog: Ancient Objects, New Writing, part 2

"What an amazing day! Curators and conservators from the museum joined us in the session today; their presence meant we were able to gain very detailed information about the collections and about individual objects.

We found out how the various collections had been gathered and how some of the objects in the collections related to each other. The visit to the storage area, usually out of bounds to members of the public, was particularly thrilling. We all felt excited to get so close to such fragile and ancient objects, being able to touch them and look at them up close was a really special experience for us all.

Objects were selected today. We were, therefore, able to embark upon the artistic journey that the project had been established to facilitate. It was impressive to see how much rich writing came out of a relatively short session. I could not say how the final pieces will manifest, but I do know that the journey to create them will be an enriching and productive one."

This is a blog entry by Amy Bonsall. Kepp an eye on the news feed for more blog posts on this project.

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