A Moment of Peace

In the build up to the ArtReach-produced Journeys Festival International Leicester (15 – 30 August), I have been privileged to be a part of some really exciting workshops and events. I’m the Assistant Producer for the Leicester Festival and already my role has led me to some excellent events and interesting moments.

Firstly, a street performance that will be happening, called Lives and Lemons. This is a multi-disciplinary performance including puppetry, singing, dancing, theatre and it’s been wonderful to meet some really talented artists and participants! There are some amazing and funny young people in these workshops and it has been really lovely to see their confidence growing week by week.

In June, I was part of the launch of a project called Angels by Laurence Payot. Angels is a short film that is made up of people from different backgrounds and cultures expressing what the word ‘angel’ means to them. Laurence then projects this film in different spaces: on the side of buildings, the street, any public and unusual spaces. In Sheffield, as part of Migrations Matters Festival, she and I had the opportunity to show this screening. The film was projected on the front of an alternative arts venue which was hosting a variety of different events that night.

Throughout the night, people came out and chatted to myself and the Laurence about the project. Slowly as it got later into the evening, passers-by where coming from all over the city as they could see and hear it. But mainly a place called the ‘Peace Gardens’. They could see the film from over there and were interested in its message. Two couples stand out that I spoke to, a man and woman and two gentlemen. Both were native to Sheffield and said how moved they were by what they were seeing. A conversation was sparked with what love means and how, no matter where you are from, joy and love is universal. I felt honoured and humbled to be a part of this experience and I’m excited to see how the film will develop from the workshops held in Leicester.

Angels is also set to appear at Timber Festival (5-7 July) in the National Forest and I’m excited to see how the different environments will effect that content and responses to the work. The film, a final full version, will be screened at Journeys Festival International Leicester on 16 and 17 August and I can’t wait to be part of it again.

You can find out more about the artist behind Angels here, Laurence Payot, and see the incredible array of exhibitions, events, live music and digital arts planned for Journeys Festival International Leicester here, #JFILeics

For more information on 2019's events for Journeys Festival International Leicester, read our guide below.

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