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Sun Up, Rain Falls, River Rises

by Phosphoros Theatre with Mira Siegel and Pickle Illustrations

Let Sun Up, Rain Falls, River Rises take you to three different countries as you listen to the memories shared by the writers. We recommend listening to The Dawning after sunrise, imagining Goitom’s journey as you experience the same calm and stillness of the early morning. After The Rain is best heard after a rain shower, as life resumes its usual pace and the ground and trees are still wet from the downpour. Whether by a lake, a canal or even your garden pond, listening to My Life as a River by water reminds us of the immense power Mohamed witnesses as he grows up by the Nile.

Sun up, Rain Falls, River Rises is only accessible by scanning the QR codes on the posters at the following locations.


In Rutland you can find...

All 3 Stories at

Rutland Water, Sykes Lane, Sykes Lane Car Park, Rutland. LE15 8QL


In Manchester you can find...

All 3 Stories at

Alexandra Park, Manchester. M16 7JL


In Portsmouth look for the seafront poster boards, you can find...

The Dawning at Seafront Canoe Lake, Southsea Esplanade, Southsea, Portsmouth. PO4 0ST

After the Rain at Speakers Corner, Southsea, Portsmouth. PO4 0SH

My Life as a River at Blue Reef Aquarium, Clarence Esplanade, Southsea, Portsmouth. PO5 3PB


In Nottingham you can find...

All 3 Stories at

Forest Recreation Ground, Gregory Boulevard, Forest Fields, Nottingham. NG7 6HB

Sun Up, Rain Falls, River Rises was commissioned by Journeys Festival International as part of Liberty EU programme funded by Creative Europe, supported by HighTide.

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